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Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery
Plastic and reconstructive surgery are medical specialties aimed at correcting or restoring of form and function to various parts of the body. When many people think about this type of surgery, people getting ‘work’ done for cosmetic reasons is often what comes to mind. But plastic and reconstructive surgery also includes the treatment of burns, craniofacial surgery, microsurgery, hand surgery, and more. These types of surgery can help to make it possible for people to be able to live relatively normal lives after accidents or the repairing of birth defects.

A Brief History

The term plastic in relation to surgery come from the Greek word for the modeling of malleable flesh. The term was first used in modern times in 1839. However, the reconstructing of damaged parts of the face or body has been done for thousands of years. Research shows the practice has been done since 3300 BCE in India, Egypt around 700 BCE, Rome in the first century AD, and in Europe sometime after 750 AD. Because of the dangers inherent in many of the techniques, plastic and reconstructive surgery did not become commonplace until the 19th and 20th centuries.
Today, with the many advances in anesthesia, antibiotics, skin grafts, and sterile surgical techniques, plastic and reconstructive surgery are very safe. This has allowed many people to use them for elective surgical procedures. In the United States, plastic surgery has been safely done since 1827. New Zealand otolaryngologist Sir Harold Gillies who worked on many soldiers disfigured during WWI is considered the first modern plastic surgeon.

The Procedures

More modern plastic and reconstructive surgery now use skin grafts, carefully planned incisions, buried sutures, and other techniques to treat a variety of problems including:

Functional Impairments
Traumatic injuries
Congenital abnormalities
Developmental Abnormalities
Breast Reduction Plasty.

Reconstructive plastic surgery is generally performed to help improve function. Sometimes it’s done to restore normal appearance.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is usually an optional procedure performed to improve a person’s appearance. In the U.S., over 10 million people have cosmetic procedures done each year. They include:

Breast Augmentation
Nasal Surgery
Eyelid Surgery
Buttock Augmentation
Orthographic Surgery
Pediatric Plastic Surgery

These procedures are performed by specially trained, board certified, experienced physicians. They specialize in helping people to look their best. Today, plastic and reconstructive surgery is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Plastic Surgery Can Be A Necessity At Times

Sometimes life can hand you a situation where plastic surgery may like all but a necessity. When you have the right surgeon and have applied sound logic when considering the procedure, there is often little reason to keep questioning. A reconstructive procedure can have profound effects on your life. It’s often an excellent choice to make.

One particular scenario where plastic reconstructive surgery is used is in the case of a cleft lip or cleft palate in new-born children. Loving your child as much as any respectable parent, you’ll want to seek out the solutions to any problem they face. Giving your child as much of a normal experience after being born with a cleft lip or palate is something any loving parent would take interest in doing. An extremely common birth defect such as this one is a terrible nuisance but also one that can be often remedied by a well-executed physical reconstructive surgery procedure.

Skin cancer removal and the related tissue repair is another very common form of plastic and reconstructive surgery we often provide for our clients. A life of active and regular sun-exposure and perhaps with some slightly negligent skin care can lead to the discovery of a skin cancer scenario. Our specially-trailed surgeon staff can diagnose the cancerous tissue, remove it and reconstruct the tissue at the site of wound. Getting back to your daily life and having your physical appearance be maintained is always a goal of our skin cancer treatment services.

Breast reconstruction is a form of plastic surgery that is often simply associated with breast enlargement procedures. Frankly, a large percentage of our breast reconstructive patients are either simply undergoing reconstructive procedures as a result of cancer treatment or requesting a breast reduction for women who find their breast size is prohibitive in any of a variety of ways. It’s definitely important to remember that getting full sensation back in the breast can be difficult for some surgery patients. The expectation of having limited sensation is wise for women to have undergoing this procedure.

Never assume that the physical concern you have is one that should not be handled by the most talented plastic reconstructive surgeons in the industry. Living with a physical deformity is not something that anyone should have to suffer. Contact our reconstructive specialists and see what your options are to address the concerns you have.

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